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The X-Sport

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Starting at: 

 USD $11,995


X marks the sport

It’s easy to customize our jetboards to your own needs and preferences. Learn more about the X-Sport's hull construction and fin configurations options below, and find the perfect board for your experience level, size, and style.


The adventurer made to last

The Freeride X-Sport is our most durable model. It’s ultra-resistant hull technology—which originates from windsurf boards and extreme-kayak production—can handle rough conditions thanks to a fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer outskin. Like it’s forebearer the Freeride, the X-Sport maintains an innovative, hydrodynamic design and is easy to get started on but also responsive enough for more playful riding.

XDL Hull Tech


Newly-developed XDL Hull Technology stands for Extremely Durable and Lightweight. This next-level construction consists of high-impact thermoforming around an airy polystyrene core with fiberglass layers for added reinforcement. While that makes the board feel more utilitarian, it also provides it with extreme cosmetic and impact durability.

XDL Hulls can truly handle the roughest of surf sessions— which means you can focus less on scuffing the sides and more on enjoying your rides.

Quad fins

Fins provide you with control as you shift weight, steer the board, and turn. The X-Sport is the only jetboard in our G3 Line that comes with quad fin boxes. Try using just one fin pair for added speed and stability, or take advantage of the full quad setup to maximize grip and control.

All fin boxes are made with FCS-II Standard Fins. You can order different sized FCS-II Fins from your local surf shop or any online retailer to further customize the stability of your board.

Battery Options:


Ride up to 25 min*


Ride up to 45 min*


Jetpack Options:


Speed up to 44 km/h**


Speed up to 56 km/h**

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