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About Radperks

Living in California and Hawaii, I fell in love with surfing, kayaking, SUP, and the outdoor lifestyle. I’m an avid mountain biker, road cyclist, snow boarder; love SUP, kayaking, boating and now jet boarding! In searching for the best jet-board I came across Radinn from Sweden. (Radical Innovation) I love Radinn so much I became a dealer! 


Now that I work, live and play along the East Coast; no more worries about finding waves. Radinn® jet-boards let me surf saltwater bays and beaches, plus lakes and rivers. It’s easy to learn. Find new scenery on rivers and inlets. Enjoy the freedom of surfing anywhere. If you have a boat, it’s a perfect toy to bring on board and explore the coast, if you like the lake lifestyle; you’ll love taking off from the dock. Make waves!

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